Friday, April 24, 2009

Code Generator For Spring Framework..

JWAG (Java Web Application Code Generator) is an easy to use, a simple Java based design on template-based approach. using Jakarta Velocity for templates language. JWAG generates a complete Spring web application to do CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete) operations on selected tables, include set of JSPs like(list, view, add, edit), Controllers (using a predefined Spring controllers), Dao interface and implementation with CRUD opertions as well as JavaBeans from MySQL database.

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Shirish Pandharikar said...

I am Navnit Singh's friend and ex-roomate in Malaysia. I work as a Technical Architect for large enterprise applications in Java/J2EE. I like your concept of JWAG.

I read through constraints mentioned on your site for JWAG. If you are actively developing JWAG I would suggest you have a look at what Spring Roo is.

Spring Roo

You can base your framework on similar lines.

Try adopting JPA based approach to remove database binding with MySQL.

Also if you are interested you can try to build an Eclipse plugin which can help people to build Spring based application quickly using JWAG


Saif Uddin said...

Thanks for sharing this idea.. and your comments.. and yes the idea is great you may believe it or not but few days I was discussed the same thing with my friend regarding to convert this software into plugin for different like NetBeans and Eclipse. but because of the short time.. I didn't get the chance to start working on that.. but as you click it again..

you'll find this soon..

Thanks again.. for the great idea and sharing.. I have uploaded the source code there if you interest to join and extend this project. You're Welcome