Wednesday, February 19, 2014

IBM Worklight Mobile Application Development Essentials

Yes this Blog entry title is the name of my first written book and yes this the reason why no post appear on this blog since last. I feel lucky enough to get the chance to work for Royal Cyber Inc.Yes, since start I am engage here with IBM new product Worklight and in the first 7 months I become Certified of "IBM Mobile Application Developer - Worklight" while sharing article and tutorial on IBM Worklight I got an opportunity to write this book from PACKT publishers to expose what it holds along with my experience in this wonderful IBM solution.

This product already attracts me in first place when I completed my first demo application and deployed on real device by following a very few steps.
I am happy to announce my first written book with co-Author Talha Haroon on IBM Worklight. Currently available on PACKT website. The chapters of this book are designed in a steps through guide manner where novice/experienced reader can easily follow it with sequence like introduction, installation, Basic application and ended up on Advance IBM Worklight Features.In General this book is targeting developer/programmer with a very minimum expertise in HTML and  JavaScript to become mobile application developer and able to build hybrid application efficiently for multiple mobile platform such as Android, iOS, blackberry and windows phone.
Here is List of Highlighted chapters:
  • Chapter 1, Getting Started with IBM Worklight
  • Chapter 2, Installing Worklight
  • Chapter 3, Creating a Basic Worklight Application
  • Chapter 4, Customizing the Worklight Application
  • Chapter 5, Adding an Adapter
  • Chapter 6, Authentication and Security
  • Chapter 7, Advanced Features of IBM Worklight
Looking for everyone feedback on this.